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What Devon Baroque means to me……….

Catherine Field Devon Baroque OrchestraOne of the most exhilarating and creative projects in my musical life before I moved back to Devon, was a string sextet I co-founded called ‘instrumental’. I loved performing with this group. It was the closest thing to being in a band, (my teenage dream), that I’d experienced, with all of the intensity, the heartache and joy that being in a band embodies. We were musical family. Performances moved well beyond the sum of parts. We knew every nuance and facet of each other’s playing, and we could weave, twist and turn when we performed, because we truly played together, as one.

Devon Baroque has this essence at its very core. True ensemble playing. No other ‘band’, (in the classical sense of the word) that I’ve performed with in more recent years comes close to the exhilaration and intensity, and sometimes sheer terror, of a DB concert. There is possibility and potential at every turn; around every musical corner. The musical understanding, the cooperation, and the camaraderie, both on and off stage, is like no other orchestra in this region.

Sure, the repertoire is ‘ancient’, the parameters are stylistically confined, some would say ‘elite’, but DB’s performances truly transcend these boundaries, and convey a visceral, spine-tingling and real experience of music. One which we have perhaps only in the last few strange months come to appreciate as one of the most powerful, shared experiences we can ever have.

The orchestra’s existence in this part of the world has, by many very loyal patrons, advocates, and friends, been nurtured and treasured as a wonderful and precious gift, and I feel truly privileged over the last ten years to have met, worked, performed and shared a musical journey with this incredible bunch of individuals.


Catherine Field